One of the scariest things about launching a crowdfunding campaign is knowing whether or not you have accounted for all the money you have to spend vs. what you collect. The internet is littered with crowdfunding horror stories, where creators lost all their profits – or worse, had to dig…

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Animation and comics are kind of like blood-brothers, so it’s no surprise that I am a lover of animated features. It just so happens that there are some really wonderful animated films you can watch on Amazon Prime for free. If you’re a fan of animation like me, you’ll want to fire up your watchlists and add these films.

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I began work on my second graphic novel, “Rock & Tin,” in late 2013. The book is now finished, and is now in pre-production. I will be using IndieGoGo to fund the printing.

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A popular science fiction/fantasy webcomic published from 2008-2013, garnering over 1 million visits and 4 million pageviews (and counting) over it’s five-year lifespan. Marooned is the story of Captain John, an egotistical and self-centered space pilot, and his sidekick robot, Asimov. It’s sort of like Gilligan’s Island meets Lost in Space.

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